The late former chief justice Ismail Mahomed once described the power of courts in this country as “awesome”. There was, however, an inherent paradox about this power.  “Unlike parliament or the executive, the court does not have the power of the purse, or the army or the police to execute its will. The superior courts...
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An arbitrage trade exploiting weak points in decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol Harvest Finance led to some $24 million in stablecoins being siphoned away from the project’s pools on Monday, according to CoinGecko. According to reports, an attacker used a flash loan – a technique that allows a trader to take on massive leverage without any...
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This week’s “Long Reads Sunday” reading is from macro analyst Lyn Alden and focuses on the inflation vs. deflation debate in historical context. When monetary policy is effective versus when fiscal policy needs to take over  How short-term debt cycles add up to long-term debt cycles that have very different remedies Why long-term debt cycles...
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