A pensioner, who receives state old-age grants, was allegedly used to front three companies owned by the same family to swindle the South African Police Services (SAPS) out of R10-million.  That, however, is just the initial leg of the National Prosecution Authority’s (NPA) investigation into fraudulent tenders and the “capture” of corrupt employees at the...
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Could bitcoin replace turkey as the object of everyone’s attention this Thanksgiving?  It happened three years ago. The last time bitcoin went gangbusters, conversations in dining rooms across America were less about giving thanks than the fear of missing out.  “Should I buy bitcoin?” your uncle may have asked. “And what’s this about icy ohs?...
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Bit2big offers global digital finance solutions based on blockchain, cryptocurrency investments and blockchain services.

With a presence in Switzerland, Nigeria, Rwanda and Uganda we are driving the adoption of blockchain technologies in the east and west Africa.

Transformative, empowering, progressive and integral. At Bit2big we believe in ownership, financial stability and having control over your future.


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