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Fun Fact: The cryptocurrency is called “Big Eyes” because it has a big vision and ambition for success in the metaverse. 

If there are top promising non-fungible token (NFT) cryptocurrencies at this moment, Sandbox (SAND) and Big Eyes (BIG) should not go unmentioned. 

Sandbox (SAND)

The Sandbox (SAND) has been around for a while, dating from 2012 as a mobile game till it expanded into a 3D world. Now players can live in a dream space of fun that connects with all senses. In this 3D world space, SAND has adopted relevant tools players can use at their convenience, to create a gaming experience that matches their tastes. 

On that note, players on SAND are allowed to create, customise and design their avatars to relate to the 3D environment. With eyes on improvement, SAND has accomplished the ability to customise avatars without an editor.

SAND is a masterpiece programmed to offer the big side of metaverse success. The Sandbox and its blockchain is a cutting-edge technology that outsources creative, profitable NFT projects and user benefits. SAND is a virtual world with an adapting play-to-earn model to enable players to receive rewards and bonuses from just playing games. 

The Heart of Sandbox is controlled by a native token, SAND. Aside from SAND,  there are other tokens existing in Sandbox such as LAND, which represents virtual lands that could be converted into NFTs. The NFTs generated on Sandbox are traded in exchange for SAND. The Sandbox is a major success to the metaverse as it employs a combination of blockchain, decentralised finance (DeFi) and NFTs.

Big Eyes (BIG)

Big Eyes (BIG) is a cute-obsessed crypto project which uses its cuteness (capital), not for mass destruction but to empower the masses, especially its users. Like other meme coins, BIG entrusts 100% of its influence and ownership in the hands of its community. Still, as a meme-related spot-on project, BIG shares its history as a comic story of a cute, introverted cat named Big Eyes. 

How Big Eyes (BIG) hopes to survive the storms to become an empowering coin in 2022 and beyond is all documented in its whitepaper. As an outstanding strategy, it focuses on the strength of the media and its community to beat the highest crypto control in existence

Do not miss the part where BIG is a DeFi project with NFT-supporting features. The love of NFTs prompted the creation of a cult-like group of individuals with a symbol of membership and loyalty which is just the Big Eyes token, BIG. The club in view is known as NFT Sushi Crew specialised in NFT holders. Hope you are not still freaked out by the cult-group term, as it points out a group of NFT-obsessed users on the BIG platform.

Big Eyes gets even cuter when you find out it runs a charity organisation by saving up 5% of its total capital in circulation into a charity wallet. BIG is in its presale mode where one can go cute by getting some of its tokens. Please take note of the launch soon as the odds get even higher then.

Join the BIG family by visiting bigeyes.space today!


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