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During the past three weeks of using the Samsung S21, I have periodically made notes about my experience. As a work-at-home dad, these were the Samsung S21 highlights. They include, but are not limited to:

Packaging: Samsung’s packaging is the stuff of dreams. The cutting-edge electronics company has got a good thing going in this competitive age of top-class packages; they still manage to create breath-taking experiences.  Each Samsung package is beautifully curated to tell a powerful story.

Add-ons or essentials? When you are done with setting up the phone and you’re ready to charge it, the downside is that they only supply you with a cable — no USB wall charger! Now I have to spend more money on a USB wall charger.

Appearance: It’s a stunning phone. Mine is Bold and Black. A thing of beauty.

Functionality: The weight of the camera is jarring, as it is not evenly distributed. While you get over that really quickly, I can imagine a few accidents have and are going to happen.

It’s waterproof. I am more prone to water incidents now that I spend more time at home. The number of times I have lost a phone because my two-year-old has thrown it in the you-know-what has made the Samsung S21 a winner for me.

Quick and easy access to Samsung Pay:

Once I started using Samsung Pay I have never looked back! The ultrasonic fingerprint reader makes accessing my phone that much easier. This being the fourth device with fingerprint capabilities, I do not have to align my fingerprint multiple times to access my phone. It’s the little things.

The battery life: It’s incredibly long lasting. As I am a gamer in my own right, I can attest to the fact that I have not had to stop a game once because of a low battery. When I did recharge, it was a quick process.

Space & Memory: The whopping 256 gigabyte (GB) of space is more than I need. I’m exploring to see if the phone lags once the total GB limit is reached, but I still have plenty of time until I find that out.

The Samsung S21 Camera:

The camera, oh the camera. Where do I start?

  • Point and shoot sharpness allows me to capture those impromptu moments the kids always provide.
  • The “video snap” feature means I can create memes and capture life’s perfect moments. The bliss of doing this is unmatched.
  • “Night mode” on an S21 rivals professional camera brands. I took random night pictures in near pitch blackness and the images came out crystal clear. I recommend using night mode for night photography rather than putting the flash on.
  • The “eye comfort” feature is highly advanced, with adaptive and custom settings to reduce blue light and red eyes.

    In conclusion: the S21 is a durable, waterproof phone, with a great screen size and pretty decent battery life. It’s an all-round smartphone that allows you to do smart things. — Thulani Pfende

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