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Huawei is thanking its customers for supporting Huawei Cloud in 2020 by hosting a Year-End Sales Carnival with huge discounts on cloud services.

From now until 10 December, big deals will be available on cloud compute, network, storage and security services.

In addition to the service discounts, enterprise customers will also be offered special coupons and other privileges.

Special Offer 1: Free coupons worth $1 000 for cloud services

You will be able to use the coupons for specific cloud services, including cloud servers, cloud meeting, security, network and Enterprise Intelligence (EI) services.

The coupons will be redeemed based on your order amount as you make the purchases.

The enterprise coupons available are as follows:

  1. $50 coupon for Elastic Cloud Server (ECS) – Minimum order of $100.
  2. $220 coupon for Web Application Firewall (WAF) – Minimum order of $500.
  3. $280 coupon for Optical Character Recognition (OCR) – Minimum order of $400.
  4. $150 coupon for Cloud Container Engine (CCE) – Minimum order of $200.
  5. $300 coupon for Cloud Connect (CC) – Minimum order of $500.

The coupons can be used for specific cloud services, including cloud servers, cloud meeting, security, network and Enterprise Intelligence (EI) services.

Special Offer 2: New user package from $1

During the carnival, new users can buy 1C1G cloud servers at just $1.

Other options include 1C2G, 2C4G, and 2C8G cloud servers, which are all available at only $6 per month.

300 such cloud servers are available, with sales limited to one per customer.

The offer will only be available while stocks last, so get your package now to avoid missing out!

More deals available

There are many other great deals up for grabs during the Huawei Cloud Year-End Sales Carnival.

This includes up to 50% off cloud servers and databases, while several cloud services are discounted by up to 80%.

500 coupons worth $10 that have no conditions attached are also on offer for new users.

Why choose Huawei Cloud

Huawei Cloud offers nine data centres outside China, 12 availability zones, and over 210 cloud services.

It provides users with stable and high-speed connections, fixed IP addresses that have already been registered, multiple available regions and flexible resources.

This makes Huawei Cloud great for supporting cross-border e-commerce, allowing companies to take their services global and providing great performance for gaming workloads.

For more information about the Year-End Sales Carnival and Customer Referral Program, click here.


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