Asure.Network team is in Uganda on the 8th East African Blockchain and Cyber Security Conference

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The 8th East African Blockchain and Cyber Security Conference 2018. The conference took place at the International University of East Africa.

The conference was opened by the Vice Chancellor of the university, Dr. Emeka Akaezuwa. Many interesting topics and discussions were touched that are relevant to the blockchain, cybersecurity and a combination of them and we’re proud to name a few of it.

We were happy to present our topics and to be able to listen to other topics from the area of blockchain and cybersecurity.

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Blockchain in the Agricultural Sector

Edgar Kawanguzi, who is currently working with FACOM on blockchain use-cases gave a wonderful presentation on how blockchain can improve processes for farmers as well as the quality of food that consumers receive. He stated that you can know everybody in the value chain, their specific roles and that you’re able to trace anything back to the source.

Asure founders visiting a farm near Kampala, Uganda

Involving Woman in Digital Economy

Doris Ojuederie, Coordinator of Blockchainladies.africa and CEO of Drichworld Coinpros LTD Nigeria, traveled all the way from Nigeria, gave a breathtaking talk about financial inclusion, the importance of gender equality and the education of woman in the blockchain scene. Blockchain African Ladies is a non-profit blockchain educative forum that brings all African women together via blockchain education. We hope to see you soon in Europe to spread the message, Doris!

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Doris Ojuederie, Blockchainladies.africa

Security in social security systems

Gamal Schmuck, CFO of the Asure.Network has examined the safety aspects of social security systems and how we intend to deal with them in the future in order to prevent the risks of error, fraud, and corruption. He further gave an outlook on how Zero-Knowledge Proofs could be used in this scenario.

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Gamal Schmuck, CFO Asure.Network

Certified Ethical Hacker / Digital Forensics

Douglas Sekgweng from the EC Council came from Botswana to educate interested people in ethical hacking in the days before the conference. At the conference itself, he gave a great and interesting presentation about ethical hacking and digital forensics. He gave lots of insights on how authorities deal with crypto-related crime, their methods, the possibilities as well as the challenges.

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Douglas Sekgweng, Michael Kiberu Nagenda​​, Dr. Emeka Akaezuwa

Decentralizing Social Security

Fabian Raetz, CTO of the Asure.Network gave a presentation on Decentralized Social Security in which he demonstrated our already developed prototypes. He gave an outlook on the research and development goals of the Asure Foundation regarding the Asure.Network.

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Fabian Raetz, CTO Asure.Network

Decentralized Pension System

Paul Mizel, CEO of the Asure.Network presented an experiment with the main question “Can a pension without governments work as a DAO?”. He gave insights into how we can store purchasing power in the decentralized autonomous pension contract to prevent inflation and volatility of cryptocurrencies.

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Paul Mizel, CEO Asure.Network


All in all, we had a wonderful day at the 8th Blockchain & Cybersecurity conference. Besides the conference, we got in touch with lots of interesting persons at the university and gained some insights on how Ugandan and African societies work.

Special thanks are going out to all attendees of the conference who filled this event with life; Michael Kiberu Nagenda, the CEO of KIPYA Bit2Big and his team for organizing the conference; and last but not least, the International University of East Africa for the great location and exceptionable hospitality.

East African Blockchain and Cyber Security Conference

International University of East Africa


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