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 What is Binance? Binance is a cryptocurrency trading exchange founded by Changpeng Zhao, known in the crypto community as “CZ”. A cryptocurrency trading exchange is similar to that of the JSE or the NYSE, but for crypto-related products. Over the past four years Binance has grown to superstardom. Binance offers a vast variety of cryptocurrencies...
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Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum have come a long way, and there are now more than 5 000 digital currencies in existence. Although only the top 10 cryptocurrencies are considered the most tradeable and make up over +70% of the market, this massive adoption and population speak volumes about the state of crypto. As...
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If you’re new to crypto, then maybe Solana has gone under your radar, but not to worry, we’re here to shed some light on this fast-emerging project that is taking on the biggest names in crypto. SOL, the cryptocurrency linked to the Solana network, has jumped into the world’s top 10 largest cryptocurrencies amid optimism...
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Cryptocurrency advertisements, particularly from social media influencers, should face regulation according to the head of Britain’s financial watchdog, who highlighted a recent ad posted by Kim Kardashian. Virtual currencies and tokens have attracted interest from amateur investors lured by stellar gains but who also risk big losses and being scammed. “As we live more and...
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What is Cardano? Cardano is a third-generation proof-of-stake blockchain. Cardano, like Ethereum, will allow developers to use the Cardano blockchain for familiar features, including running custom programming logic (smart contracts) and building programmes (decentralised applications). Cardano launched its smart contracts on testnet in May 2021, with a mainnet launch to follow later in the year....
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What is Uniswap? Uniswap is the largest decentralised exchange in the crypto space. Uniswap leverages multiple crypto assets, including its native UNI cryptocurrency, to provide a service similar to a traditional exchange. The difference is, Uniswap has no one central operator or administrator, making it fully decentralised. Unlike most exchanges, which are designed to take...
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As much as $68-trillionwill change hands between generations over the next 25 years, and much of this wealth will land up in the hands of millennials. Millennials don’t shop as their parents did, they don’t consume media as their parents did, and they certainly don’t invest as their parents did. The new-era investors want to...
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Bitcoin adoption has accelerated amid unprecedented central bank money printing and the coronavirus-induced digitalisation of day-to-day life. The conversation is changing. “Crypto is a fad and bubble!” is turning to “Crypto is another investment asset class.”  “Why does Bitcoin have value?” is becoming “Why does the US Dollar or the Rand have value?” “There’s nothing...
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El Salvador has made Bitcoin legal tender, PayPal has enabled its users to transact in cryptocurrencies, Tesla and NASDAQ listed MicroStrategy purchased billions of dollars worth of Bitcoin to hold onto their balance sheets, and today Amazon is investigating digital currencies together with Facebook and Twitter.  Sean Sanders, CEO of Cape Town-based crypto investment platform...
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With many crypto investors jealously watching on as gold and equity investors’ assets keep climbing to greater levels, is it possible that cryptocurrencies have just hit the turning point that many have been waiting for? The crypto market has shed over -50% in recent months, with many worried that a bear market was in full...
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