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In the past few years, and especially after the recent United Nations Climate Change Conference, or COP26, in Glasgow, private investors have seen an opportunity to midwife developing countries’ bumpy transition to net-zero carbon dioxide emissions. After all, if BlackRock chief executive Larry Fink and climate activist Greta Thunberg can find common cause, then the...
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As we move into the new year, you may be wondering how the crypto market will develop in the coming years. Is it “too late” to be investing in this new world? If not, then how do you go about picking a winner? Before deciding if it is too late, let’s take a look at...
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A German state cashed in on €100-million ($113-million) worth of cryptocurrency confiscated from drug traffickers earlier this year, the prosecutor’s office in Frankfurt said Wednesday. The seized assets were sold off this month through a partnership with local bank Scheich, with the proceeds flowing into the accounts of the regional government of Hesse. Working together...
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During the weekend starting on Friday 3 December, we saw Bitcoin’s price drop from $52 000 to $40 000 in a matter of minutes. At one point, the 24-hour price chart showed a 22% loss. So if you were among the unfortunate millions whose weekend was spent obsessively tracking the Bitcoin price, you can hardly...
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Welcome to part two of our series designed to help you understand alt seasons, a stage in the crypto price cycle when altcoins outperform Bitcoin. It’s an exciting time for the crypto investor, and given the amount of evidence suggesting that an alt season may be incoming, getting up to speed will place you in...
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Just 13 years ago, a whitepaper was circulated on a cryptography mailing list. It proposed a radical alternative to the established concept of currency at a time when the world was still clawing its way out of one of the worst recessions in history, brought about by the failings of the global financial system.  The...
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In just a few years, Black Friday has gone from being a gimmick that American retailers used to drive pre-Christmas season sales, to becoming a global shopping event that many people wait all year for. With the heavy financial impact that the global pandemic has had, most people are more in need of a good...
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Speaking at an online cybersecurity forum, India’s Prime Minister framed virtual money as a domain that needs to be closely policed. The post Modi warns bitcoin could ‘spoil’ young Indians appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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The US just posted the biggest inflation number in 30 years, and many have asked what this means for them.  Most people think inflation is just a word used by portfolio managers, while others simply know it’s why they’re paying more for a loaf of bread from one week to the next, but what you...
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If you engage with any crypto social media, you’ve likely encountered the term “alt season” all too often. Unfortunately, many analysts have developed the habit of hailing the beginning of an alt season every time their favourite crypto-asset jumps by 5%, sending false signals and leaving the rest of us uninformed about whether alt season...
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