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As more and more African countries express their interest in launching digital currencies backed by central banks, three are considering the adoption of private-based virtual digital assets, which could bring greater currency stability. Cameroon, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Congo Brazzaville have all announced their intention to adopt cryptocurrency and blockchain-based solutions. The...
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The Central African Republic has adopted bitcoin as legal tender, the president’s office said on Wednesday, becoming the second country in the world to do so after El Salvador. A bill that made bitcoin legal tender alongside the Central African franc (CFA) and legalised the use of cryptocurrencies was unanimously adopted. President Faustin-Archange Touadéra signed...
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Throughout history, financial intermediaries have connected buyers to sellers, enabling the exchange and transfer of products and money that make up markets. The middlemen, brokers or banks, take their cut along the way — a just reward for facilitating financial transactions.  These centralised financial institutions make colossal deals with each other that exploit entire markets,...
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Gold is often seen as an asset of the past, delivering slow gains through a dated financial system. Gold bugs (investors that swear by gold) value the safety and security of gold over all else. Over thousands of years, it has been the most reliable store of value. Slow gains and security aren’t compelling until...
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Let’s face it, we all have to find somewhere to keep our money safe. To some, that’s under a mattress. To others, it’s in a bank account. To the financially savvy, it’s in a diverse portfolio of investments that includes shares, property, gold or cryptocurrencies. The reason that most people choose not to build an...
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Bitcoin and Ethereum are now household names. Those who know little else about the crypto world still recognise the two largest cryptocurrencies. But there’s another cryptocurrency that has outperformed them all and you may only be hearing its name for the first time now. LUNA is the native cryptocurrency on the Terra network and in...
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The world’s favourite binge-watching portal, Netflix, has simultaneously mesmerised and shocked the world with the tales of The Tinder Swindler. The documentary features the victims of a con artist called Simon Leviev, born Shimon Hayut, who lured them through a dating app, Tinder, to dreams of romance and a lavish lifestyle.  His linked Instagram account...
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The cryptocurrency industry is filled with loads of jargon and unique quirks — even those with the financial know-how find the crypto markets challenging. There are a lot of crypto-specific factors that impact the growth, adoption and returns of this emerging blockchain-powered industry. When trying to understand the nuances of a specific cryptocurrency, it can...
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Given what we know now, we would have jumped at the chance to invest in internet companies like Amazon and Google back in the 90s. But, back then, picking the winning investment of the internet age wasn’t as easy as you think.  Surely investing in Amazon or Google early would have been one of the...
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Last year we saw the great migration towards cryptocurrency adoption begin. This extended further than even Bitcoin. Altcoins and specific sectors within the crypto market were actually outperforming grandaddy Bitcoin in impressive ways.   However, there is one sector that continues to outperform the rest — the smart contract sector. Today, the total value of all...
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