It’s human nature to want the opposite of what we get, hence the famous saying “opposites attract” — and this couldn’t be more true with regards to the world of crypto.  In times of market volatility, many want the exact opposite. People want stability, security, and familiarity. This is why the rise of savings accounts,...
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In a recent virtual event hosted by Huawei as part of a series of webinars focusing on the Future of Finance both in South Africa and globally, the accomplished Group CEO of EOH Stephen Van Coller was interviewed by industry leader and founder at Innovation Catalysts Colin Iles about the quickly evolving landscape of mobile...
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Unlike Bitcoin, USDC is a stablecoin, which gives it different traits that may benefit certain investors. Stablecoins are a type of cryptocurrency programmed to track the value of other assets, such as government monies or gold. They are cryptocurrencies backed 1-to-1 by an underlying government fiat currency (US Dollars or Euros) stored in traditional financial institutions. Simply...
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“I want to introduce you to one of the biggest investment platforms in Nigeria, RackSterli,” the pop star Davido told his millions of fans in a video last December. “If you invest with RackSterli, you’ll get paid within 12 to 24 hours, instant payment,” he continued. “It has built many millionaires.” Damilare Jamiu, a painter...
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When it rains, it pours! Much like the recent month in cryptocurrencies, negative news and FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) have poured down to dampen the cryptocurrency market. Black Friday came early for the crypto world, and most coins are on a half-price sale, but is this the start of the bear market, or are...
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Market Overview  Since the creation of Bitcoin in 2009, blockchain technologies and, in turn, cryptocurrencies have seen enormous growth. Even with the recent pullback in Bitcoin, it has still amassed a 209 000% return on investment, making it the best performing investment asset of the last decade.  While there are always sceptics to a new...
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 Are cryptocurrencies out for world domination? You could probably say something like that. Maybe not in the dystopian sense, but definitely with regards to global interest. Simply muttering the words “blockchain” and “crypto” is a surefire way of getting a really interesting dinner table conversation going, but despite having a tremendous run and seeing its...
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Africa’s biggest startup story in 2020 was the acquisition, by US company Stripe, of Paystack —  an electronic payments processor that was founded in Lagos in 2015.  Valued at about $200-million, it was a landmark deal for Nigeria’s booming tech community. A hunt for more Paystacks has ensued among local and international investors. They are...
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Alex Gladstein SingularityU South Africa has announced its plans to host the  SingularityU Exponential Finance Summit online in 2021. Taking place from 28 – 30 July 2021, the summit aims to build and grow an African investment innovation ecosystem by connecting South Africa and Africa’s top entrepreneurs and innovative businesses with global venture capitalists, institutional...
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We have seen a big uptick in the hype surrounding bitcoin, driven largely by the massive returns reported. Recent Bloomberg research contrasted the rise in bitcoin with market bubbles, like the tech market crash in the late nineties. But there is almost no comparison. Tech stocks rose just more than 000% over the entire course...
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