March 24, 2021
Acts of cable theft and vandalism are committed within our neighbourhoods and communities,  sometimes by people we know. Cable theft not only disrupts the supply of electricity and internet connectivity in households, but it also has a significant effect on the economy.  Criminals steal infrastructure such as copper cables and electrical equipment to make easy...
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M&G Media Limited, publisher and owner of the Mail & Guardian, is pleased to announce the appointment of Ron Derby as its new editor-in-chief.  Ron is a skilled writer and communicator with extensive experience in news, investigative reporting as well as feature and opinion writing. He has considerable experience in reporting on the global commodities...
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Despite being in the meeting at which his suspension from the ANC was ratified, R10-million fraud-and-corruption accused Teris Ntuthu denied being temporarily sacked from the party and its Eastern Cape provincial executive committee (PEC).  Sources also revealed that Ntuthu, who was the regional secretary in the dysfunctional Amathole region of the ANC, fought and lobbied...
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