March 5, 2021
Banking has been in existence for thousands of years but generational shifts, behavioural changes and the digital revolution have brought phenomenal disruption to an industry that has been somewhat change-averse, significantly altering how customers view their banking “relationship”.  Then came Covid-19 and global shutdowns, accelerating the already rapid changes that were happening in the financial...
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“Sentech is in the business of connecting people” SENTECH understands that connectivity is about people. As human beings, we are relational creatures and connecting with others is at the core of our humanity. That is why SENTECH’s tag line “connecting you” has stood the test of time. The company is constantly evolving and reinventing itself...
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Bit2big offers global digital finance solutions based on blockchain, cryptocurrency investments and blockchain services.

With a presence in Switzerland, Nigeria, Rwanda and Uganda we are driving the adoption of blockchain technologies in the east and west Africa.

Transformative, empowering, progressive and integral. At Bit2big we believe in ownership, financial stability and having control over your future.


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