January 7, 2021
The number of addresses holding over 1,000 bitcoin (worth of approximately $37.5 million at the current price) is now at 2,334, a new all-time high, after the number dropped at the end of December by 3.7% to 2,221. This is an indication “whales” (large bitcoin holders) have been bullishly accumulating more bitcoin and driving the...
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Clad soberly in a chequered knee-length dress, Tobore Ovuorie doesn’t looks as if she once posed as a sex worker in a revealing outfit and high heels on Lagos’s streets. She did so to go undercover and infiltrate a prostitution ring to expose the truth about the terrible backstreet trade. She took on the dangerous...
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The options market is signaling an impending change in the market focus – from bitcoin to relatively undervalued ether and other alternative cryptocurrencies. The spread between the six-month implied volatility (IV) for ether and bitcoin – a measure of the expected relative price volatility between the two – has risen to a record high of...
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 Jean Debouche is not “against” vaccines. In fact, the 80-year-old says he is among the first in line to get the flu shot every year. But when it comes to the Covid-19 vaccine, the retired truck driver says there is no way he will be getting inoculated, even if he is eligible. “We don’t know...
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U.S. President Donald Trump signed an executive order on Tuesday banning the Alipay payment platform and seven other apps with links to the Chinese, saying the apps can access private information from their users. Separately, U.S. officials are considering banning U.S. citizens from investing in Alibaba Group, an affiliate of Alipay’s parent, and Tencent Holdings,...
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British American Tobacco South Africa (Batsa) on Wednesday counter-filed an application for leave to appeal the December high court ruling in which it successfully argued that last year’s five-month-long tobacco sales ban was unconstitutional. The move follows an application for leave to appeal from the government, which has raised fears in the industry that Co-operative...
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